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The construction of the houses was done with great care, a lot of personal work, great respect for the environment, but also the need of the modern man of the city for relaxation and relaxation.

Our desire was to create a place of calm, intimate, beautiful and comfortable. A place he sought through the experiences we gained on our journeys and in our stay in different places all over the world. We would like to create a space that composes the wisdom of tradition, but with all the modern comforts.

A place you want to live in…

Photo Gallery

Athena’s Cottage

Lakonia studios

Lakonia Villa

Villa Agno

Villa Alexia

Villa Danae

Villa Delilah

Villa Ino

Villa Jamaco

Villa Maria

Villa Messini

Villa Neda

Villa Sparta

Villa Suzanna

Villa Taigete

Villa Thesoa

Sophia’s Beach House

Dark Horizon

Villa Electra